I tend to have a hard time excepting how much God loves me....okay, I just simply have a hard time excepting how much God loves me. It's so easy to know something in your brain that you have such a hard time excepting in your heart. God has tried and tried to get the point across until one day I took real notice of something that has been happening for years: I see hearts everywhere! That may sound a bit odd but I do! As a kid, I would think, "Maybe that means that _____(insert the name of a boy I had a crush on at the time) really does like me!!" Ha! I was young and really just an infant in my walk with Christ. As with most things, as I've grown in my faith, I see things much, much differently (thank You Lord for that!). Now, when I see hearts in leaves that have fallen on the ground, or when I see them on my towel that I use to wipe the water off my face after showering in the morning, I know that the love they are pointing to is one that no earthly love can ever dream of matching. I can't speak for you but personally, I think that's pretty awesome! He's definitely getting His point across and now, every time I see a heart, I thank Him for it.

God may not be putting hearts in your path to remind you of His love but believe me when I tell you, His everlasting, all-encompassing loves extends to all of His children. Please don't ever think that you could do something so horrible that God will stop loving you. That is an outright lie. To all of the mothers and fathers reading this, would you sacrifice your child for someone who didn't appreciate or love you? Would you allow your child to die a criminal's death for people who, at times, refused to acknowledge that you existed? That is exactly what God did for you and I (see John 3:16) and all He asks in return is our love and a commitment to Him and Him only. As we enter one of the holiest seasons on the Christian calendar, I encourage you to look at the world through new eyes....through the eyes of faith, hope and love, but most of all, love.



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