As my parents and I headed out to Christmas Eve service earlier tonight, I felt a bit of grinch rising up inside me. This is my favorite time of year so needless to say, the grinch within was NOT welcome. As I sat waiting for the service to begin, I prayed that God would reveal reasons for joy in my life. Not the fleeting joy of opening a gift but real, lasting joy. As always, he came through! There was the joy of hearing a child read the Christmas story, the joy of singing Christmas carols in unison with my church family members, the joy of spending the afternoon with my brother and sister-in-law in their new (gorgeous, I might add!) home, the joy of coming home to see my cat, Bella looking out the window expectantly and having her as an overjoyed welcoming committee as we walked in the door. My point in this post is to say that there are many, many reasons to be joyous this Christmas season! If you find yourself battling with the grinch within, take a look around and thank God above for the blessings he has bestowed you with. If that doesn't do the trick, think of the joy on the faces of Mary and Joseph as they welcomed a baby boy named Jesus into their little world and then think of the joy He finds in you each and every moment of each and every day.

Lord, I pray that each and every person who reads this would be filled with the joy that only you can bring. I pray that they would look
at the world through new eyes as a result of this new found joy. Fill their hearts with your love and peace this Christmas season. In Jesus' Holy Name I Pray, Amen

Merry Christmas! :)


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