God has been prompting me that writing needs to come to the forefront again and not just the little blurbs about wildlife that I post on Facebook daily....actual, in-depth, exploratory writing. To start back up again I am participating in Five Minute Friday, a five minute, free form way of writing a post based off of one word started by Lisa-Jo Baker on her blog, Surprised by Motherhood.

Today's word is Messenger so here is my post!

God made all of us to be a messenger somehow and our message is to those of our own species, humans. Animals, plants, rocks…they all know the glory of the Creator and I believe that somewhere down deep even the most staunch atheist can sense the presence of God. He gave us all unique likes, dislikes and abilities which we are to use to get the message He has trusted us with. I believe that our God-given passions should be used as assets toward telling people the Good News and how they can come to know Christ better. My God-given passion is for wildlife, especially birds, butterflies and mammals. As I try to get back into the groove of writing to pursue the God-sized dream that God has laid on my heart, I often wonder to myself, “How exactly can I reach people with the message You have entrusted me with using the passion You have given me?” I know there’s a way but what that way is has me stumped at the moment. I get glimpses but nothing whole yet.




06/13/2014 10:48am

Ashley, Be encouraged that God has you in the perfect place today! So often just doing the work, for you, just getting back to the keyboard, put us into action so that He can do His work through us. Keep writing, your words do have meaning!

06/13/2014 11:22am

ashley, you sound just like my oldest daughter! while still just a tiny tyke, she used to say she was going to grow up and go work with crocodile hunter, steve irwin! she's also searching for how God will use her passion in the future.

i'm so excited to see how God will use her passions in the future...

and you might enjoy perusing this web site: http://leesbird.com/


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