Today I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker's blog to participate in Five Minute Friday {except that Lisa-Jo is away so really I'm linking up with Crystal Stine's blog....Yeah, I didn't just totally confuse you at all. ;)} Our word this week is belong. 


Sitting on my desk at work is a picture of my best friend and I at her wedding this past April. We’re both done up all pretty with her in her white wedding gown and veil, hair in an updo and me in my navy blue bridesmaid dress, hair curled, both with our bouquets in hand as we pose for the picture. Soon, another picture will join it. This one will be of me with the aforementioned bride’s sister as she gets married this coming Septemeber. Both of these girls….these women, are cherished in my heart. They make me feel like I truly belong. Not that others can’t have the same affect but when you have someone or someones that you can talk to and they know what you’re thinking before you say it, that’s belonging. I honestly thought that once I was the only single one left in our little trio, things would change drastically between us but you know what? As they’ve grown, so have I and even if I were to feel like I no longer belonged with them, there is one Person that I will ALWAYS belong to. His Name? Jesus.



07/11/2014 12:22pm

So glad your friendships have remained true and strong. Yes, there is one place we'll always belong. Enjoying your post via FMF.

07/11/2014 12:22pm

Visiting from FMF. Lovely sentiment. Glad to me your neighbour this week. Rosanne


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